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Red Hat® Summit is our annual open source technology event for thousands of IT professionals. At the event, we announce new products and programs to customers, partners, and prospects. We also communicate our technology vision to the world by spending time with analysts, members of the press, and other industry influencers. 

Red Hat Summit is our largest annual event, and as such it is the only event with a dedicated logo. Events like Red Hat Forums take the Red Hat Summit experience around the world using the same look and feel, but do not receive dedicated logos. No other Red Hat events have dedicated logos.

The theme for Red Hat Summit changes each year, and themed graphics are placed throughout the event. The Red Hat Summit logo, however, remains the same.


Red Hat Summit logo with clearspace denoted

Clear space is the area around the logo that should not have text, distracting graphics, or other logos. The clear space should be at least double the height of the letter "e" all the way around the logo.

Red Hat Summit logo showing clear space with Red Hat logo beneath

When using the Red Hat logo and the Red Hat Summit logo together, clear space rules still apply but the size of the Red Hat logo can change. The width of the Red Hat logo should be no smaller than the width of the word "Red Hat" in the Red Hat Summit logo, and no larger than the overall width of the Red Hat Summit logo.

Because the conference is one of the best opportunities for Red Hat customers, partners, and community members to come together in the spirit of innovative discovery, the Red Hat Summit logo is shaped like a navigational marker.

Standard summit logo on black background
Reverse summit logo on red background

Use the 2-color versions, standard and reverse, of the Red Hat Summit logo unless there is a production constraint. For instance, if you can print in only 1 color or if the logo is being embroidered or embossed, use a 1-color version in red, white, or black.

Red Hat Summit logo in use

Events like Red Hat Summit are an opportunity to experience the Red Hat brand, so we want to highlight Red Hat whenever possible. By default, all event materials—including websites, handouts, ads, swag, and navigational signage—should include both the Red Hat Summit logo and the Red Hat logo.   

Using the Red Hat Summit logo and Red Hat logo in opposite corners works well for materials like presentation slides, handouts, and marketing collateral.

For T-shirts, use 1 logo on the pocket and the other on the back or sleeve, or incorporate one of the logos into the T-shirt graphic.

For swag that has only 1 imprint area, use both logos with enough space between them to avoid cramping the visuals. The Red Hat Summit logo is typically larger than the Red Hat logo.

Do this

Always use the Red Hat Summit logo as provided.

Do not do this

Do not stretch, distort, or change the color of the Red Hat Summit logo.

Do this

Ensure that the designated clear space surrounds the Red Hat Summit logo.


Do not do this

Do not place the Red Hat Summit logo too close to the Red Hat logo.

Black T-shirt with Red Hat Summit logo on front and Red Hat logo on back

Items like this t-shirt can be taken out of our branded environment, so it’s important that the Red Hat logo and Summit logo are both included.

Red Hat Summit event booths and attendees

In event spaces the Red Hat brand is emphasized throughout the entire experience. Here the Red Hat Summit logo can be placed on applications individually, since the Red Hat logo will always be nearby.