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We trust in the art of open source collaboration. We know that when we form communities that share—whether we are sharing code, ideas, or expertise—we are all enriched. The Red Hat® brand promotes openness, collaboration, sharing, and transparency.

We put our trust in the open source way because we know it works.

Brand platform

Our brand platform is the compass that guides everything we say and do. Three statements make up our brand platform: our position, our promise, and our mantra.


Our position is the place we occupy in the hearts and minds of our customers and prospects. Our annual brand tracker survey and ongoing customer research tell us how the marketplace sees us.


Our promise is a commitment we make to our customers. It is the unique value that only we can deliver. We create value for our customers by making open source software useful for enterprises.


Our brand mantra, community-powered innovation, is a short statement that captures the essence of the brand. It should reflect the brand position, promise, and platform. It is an internal guiding statement, not a headline or tagline.

Community-powered innovation

When we are free to connect and work together, innovation thrives. Those who connect and collaborate most effectively will be the most successful. 

Creativity is always an act of collaboration.

As the open source leader, Red Hat connects its customers to a global network of enterprises, partners, and communities. Together, we can build the high-performing agile technology enterprises need to move forward. Red Hat’s open source approach delivers a steady stream of trustworthy technology that liberates resources for innovation and growth. By collaborating openly, we do more than any of us can do alone.

The master brand strategy

Our list of products and technologies may change as customer needs shift over time, but Red Hat is a constant presence. This rationale is the basis for the Red Hat master brand strategy.

Utilizing this strategy means we lead with Red Hat in both visual treatments and naming. Products, solutions, and services do not adopt their own individual names, positions, or logos. Instead, they all complement the Red Hat portfolio.

We have different social media accounts for different parts of our business, but all accounts use the Red Hat logo in their avatars and account headers.

red hat brand strategy rhel

The Red Hat brand always leads in our product and team names, and the Red Hat logo is part of our product and team logos.

Descriptive naming

When we name a specific product, there are two parts. The Red Hat name comes first, following our master brand strategy. The product name comes next, which follows a descriptive naming strategy. This means we say what the offering is and explain what it does.

This strategy helps end users quickly identify products and services, making navigation, search, and purchase easier for customers.