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Icons are small visual representations that help us depict a variety of ideas and technologies. Our icons are open and straightforward, just like our brand.

Depending on the scale, you might need a different type of icon or an illustration.

Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform product icon and content navigator service icon
Product icons

Product icons are used to represent Red Hat products and offerings in marketplaces.

User interface icon for link and standard icon for collaboration

Icons show a single, simple concept. They’re usually small and used along with text or a label.

Illustration in red and light red showing an application

Illustrations are larger, more detailed, and tell a more nuanced story.

We have 3 types of icons, each with a specific purpose. Make sure you’re using the icon that’s best for your project or application.

Screenshot of a presentation slide with three red icons

Standard icons

Standard icons represent general and technical concepts. They're used in places like marketing materials, slides, infographics, web cards, and diagrams.

UI icons

UI (user interface) icons are designed to be used at a small scale in the interfaces of websites or products.

Screenshot of the Red Hat homepage with UI icons in white
Example of a product icon being used in the interface

Product icons

Product icons represent a specific Red Hat product or service, and they’re used primarily for navigation in marketplaces and catalogs.