Digital transformation doesn’t stop at just one product or solution. As your organization takes steps towards modernizing IT infrastructure, it’s worth thinking about the processes and people components as well. Sometimes it’s as much organizational transformation as it is digital. 

Team processes like DevOps to support continuous software releases can help you innovate faster. (We’ll show you how in an Open Innovation Lab.) Whether you’re exploring how to upgrade your legacy environment or adding to the Red Hat enterprise open source solutions you already have, our expert team can guide you on connecting your technology, culture, and processes together. 

This month, see how Red Hat solutions helped three companies across the globe learn new ways of working and find success. 

AXA Switzerland delivers software faster with Red Hat OpenShift

AXA is the leading insurer in Switzerland. It sought to transform its IT and work approach with agile development practices and cloud computing technology. For its IT transformation, AXA Switzerland identified Red Hat OpenShift as a leading enterprise Kubernetes platform with an open source approach. 

AXA Switzerland started its digital transformation four years ago by reshaping the way it develops software. It completely reshaped the way it developed software by integrating product teams with business and IT. 

Andreas Maier, CIO, AXA Switzerland, explained, “Based on Red Hat enterprise open source technologies and agile principles, we developed a new cultural mindset which promotes co-creation and collaboration, information exchange, full transparency and constructive feedback.”

With Red Hat technologies and support, AXA Switzerland reports that it can deliver software faster than before, increasing its software delivery by 33% in just one year. AXA Switzerland has migrated 100% of its decentralized application estate into partially public and mostly private cloud with Red Hat OpenShift on top of an IBM technology stack. 

Maier said, “Today, we leverage developer and operational-centric tools for rapid application development, deployment, life cycle management and full-stack support. So we’re using the full stack of Red Hat technology.”

Red Hat OpenShift also helps the insurance provider stay flexible and minimize vendor lock-in effects, and comply with local financial regulatory requirements. “With Red Hat OpenShift, we can migrate our application stacks in the same container from on-premise to the public cloud with very little effort,” said Maier.

Now, the insurance provider can focus on its next milestone: data, technology and innovation excellence in its product teams. Maier said, “Red Hat OpenShift enables our developers to focus on coding and innovating. They don’t have to worry about day to day work, resilience, stability, deployment, integrating or testing.” 

Read the full AXA Switzerland interview for more on how Red Hat solutions have helped the company work more efficiently and collaboratively. 

APIS IT leads the way in Croatia with container technology

APIS IT provides strategic IT services to government ministries, public administration bodies, and utilities providers across the Republic of Croatia. APIS IT decided to migrate two decades of legacy systems to a single, standardized environment built on Red Hat OpenShift. It is the first organization in Croatia and the Adriatic Region to deploy Red Hat OpenShift to production.

APIS IT now runs more than 80 production projects in its Red Hat OpenShift environment, including applications for customs administration, geographical information system (GIS), and elections and referendums, and parts of the Tax Administration Information system.

According to the company, standardizing application life cycle management with Red Hat OpenShift has helped APIS IT’s teams adopt a responsive, efficient DevOps work approach. 

“Red Hat OpenShift helps ensure all of our teams stay informed and aligned,” said Robert Stanko, Managing Director of IT, APIS IT. “We are all using Kubernetes containers and following the same development, testing, and deployment processes. The visibility into our systems and applications has helped even teams who were working effectively before to embrace this new technology and mindset.” 

By working with Red Hat, APIS IT has also developed an innovative reputation, enhancing its talent attraction. Additionally, with greater flexibility and choice, open source technology has helped APIS IT better support the European Union (EU)’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other regulatory compliance. Check out the case study for details.

Soft Platform upskills with Red Hat Training

Korea-based Soft Platform is an information and communications technology (ICT) company that develops artificial intelligence (AI) frameworks for rapid development through graphics processing unit (GPU) acceleration. It was divided from Youngwoo Digital in 2019 to create an organization focused on strengthening solution and technology sales business.

To keep pace with rapidly changing market demand for innovation, Soft Platform wanted to accelerate its adoption of open source-based cloud and container orchestration technology. The company engaged Red Hat Training to provide expert, hands-on instruction on new technology and IT approaches, including hybrid cloud infrastructure, cloud-native development, and automation. 

Its teams used Red Hat Learning Subscription to access live virtual training, recorded videos, demonstrations, and more. ”Red Hat Training courses include practical knowledge and exercises, while other vendors tend to be more theoretical. Red Hat’s approach makes it easier to quickly understand the materials and apply what we learn,” said Sanghee Song, Manager, Soft Platform.

Red Hat Training courses helped Soft Platform staff build new skills through flexible training modalities for various learning styles and locations, and they also helped the team prepare for Red Hat Certification exams. Looking for training to help your team learn cloud and container technology? Get a list of the courses that helped Soft Platform staff get underway in the case study

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