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Universal logos give Red Hat® groups a unified visual identity that makes it easy to identify an official group, team, tool, or program as official and different from our products. If you need a logo for something that doesn’t fit in the other logo categories, start with a universal logo.

Universal logo, minimum clear space

Universal logos are produced in standard and reverse full-color versions, as well as 1-color versions in white, red, and black.

A template built for flexibility

All universal logos are built on a template which places the words "Red Hat" first, followed by a group name written in bold. We utilize descriptive naming to differentiate between teams, tools, and programs. 

Names should be professional and customer-facing, and must include an identifying descriptor like Red Hat Technical Account Manager or Red Hat Certification Team. 

Contact naming@redhat.com to ensure that the name of your group meets all of the existing requirements before requesting a new universal logo.

Universal logo with a sub-program

What if my group has a sub-program?

Complex programs can use universal logos that include the name of sub-programs instead of creating new universal logos for each initiative. If you need a universal logo that includes a sub-program, the Brand and Creative team can provide that version for you.

Image of one line universal logo

What if I need to use my logo in an interface?

Horizontal versions of our universal logo should only be used in the headers of online interfaces or tools. If you need to use your logo in the header of an online interface or tool, the Brand and Creative team can provide a horizontal version of the universal logo.

Universal logos in use

Image of universal logo on a presentation slide

Red Hat Open Studio: Brand Experience uses a universal logo in their presentations.

Not every group or program needs a logo, or needs to use their logo in every context. Another option is to use the program name as a headline, accompanied by the Red Hat logo.

Red Hat Marketplace uses a horizontal version of the universal logo, which fits in the header of its website.

Swag items with the Red Hat Telco Team logo

The Red Hat Telco team prints its universal logo on swag to represent its team.

Do this

Use the universal logo as it is provided.

Do not do this

Do not substitute the fedora icon with another element.

Do this

Ensure your team or program name is approved by the Naming team.

Do not do this

Do not create your own team or program name that hasn’t been approved by the Naming team.

Do this

Keep all logo elements proportional to each other.

Do not do this

Do not disproportionately scale individual logo elements.

Do this

Always use universal logos independently.

Do not do this

Do not co-brand universal logos.