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Our flexible logo system represents individual groups at Red Hat in a consistent way. If you are looking for a logo to represent a group other than a product, partner, or event, start with a universal logo. Universal logos give Red Hat® groups a unified visual identity and make it easier to distinguish group logos from Red Hat products and other organizations. 

Universal logo, minimum clear space

Universal logos are produced in standard and reverse full-color versions, as well as 1-color versions in white, red, and black.


Teams and customer-facing roles can use the universal logo to distinguish themselves from other products or organizations within Red Hat. Teams and roles should use unique descriptive names as determined by Red Hat’s organizational structure, and they should be professional and useful outside of Red Hat. All team names must include an identifying descriptor, like Red Hat Technical Account Manager or Red Hat Global Logistics team.


Programs are specific long-term efforts that are funded by Red Hat, distributed either regionally or globally, and have a targeted strategy with a defined audience. Programs can be internal or external and can include events and subprograms, like program initiatives and courses.

A universal logo for programs helps communicate our brand consistently across Red Hat, which makes it easier to differentiate programs from other efforts and makes them look more trustworthy to associates. If a program has various subprograms or courses, the title can be added in a smaller size underneath the program name in the logo to identify the relationship between the program and subprogram.


If you need to use your logo in the headers of online interfaces, the Brand and Creative team can provide a horizontal version of the universal logo. The horizontal version works well in small narrow spaces and should only be used to work within these constraints.

Horizontal universal logo, minimum clear space

Universal logos in use

Do this

Use the universal logo as it is provided.

Do not do this

Do not substitute the fedora icon with another element.

Do this

Ensure your team or program name is approved by the Naming team.

Do not do this

Do not create your own team or program name that hasn’t been approved by the Naming team.

Do this

Keep all logo elements proportional to each other.

Do not do this

Do not disproportionately scale individual logo elements.

Do this

Always use universal logos independently.

Do not do this

Do not co-brand universal logos.

The Red Hat Telco team prints its universal logo on swag to represent its team.

The Red Hat Customer Portal uses a horizontal version of the universal logo, which fits in the header of its website.