Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform

Red Hat® Ansible® Automation Platform is a unified solution for strategic automation. It combines the security, features, integrations, and flexibility needed to scale automation across domains, orchestrate essential workflows, and optimize IT operations to successfully adopt enterprise AI. 

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The platform for mission-critical automation

The path to fully optimized automation is a journey. Moving from manual Day 2 operations and ad hoc solutions to a comprehensive, integrated automation platform requires a strategic commitment. And it determines your current—and future—business success.

With Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform, you can maximize efficiency, improve security, and overcome increasing IT challenges like skill gaps and tech sprawl. It helps you:

  • Deliver consistent, reliable automation across domains and use cases.
  • Maximize the value of the technology and resources you already have.
  • Build a strong foundation for AI adoption. 

Learn how Ulta Beauty uses Ansible Automation Platform to cut deployment times from 3 weeks to less than a day. Video duration: 4:07.

With Ansible Automation Platform, you can:

Build a unified automation solution

Mitigate risk and improve security

Create a force multiplier for ITOps

Establish a foundation for AI adoption

Southwest uses Ansible Automation Platform to improve network consistency, gain efficiency, and deliver greater customer satisfaction.

One platform for multiple use cases


Orchestrate security systems using a curated collection of modules, roles, and playbooks to investigate and respond to threats.

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Consistently deploy, manage, and scale infrastructure workloads where it makes the most sense—in your physical datacenter, private or public cloud, or at the network edge. 

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Network and Edge

Manage entire network and IT processes—from datacenter to cloud to edge environments. 

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Hybrid cloud

Automate cloud-native environments and manage infrastructure and services across public, private, and hybrid clouds with certified integrations. 

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IDC report: Ansible Automation Platform delivers business value

According to IDC research, organizations who standardize operations with Ansible Automation Platform significantly improve IT operational efficiency, speed, and scalability—realizing benefits worth an annual average of US$14.81 million and earning a 668% 3-year ROI.

Business value of Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform

See how our customers automate

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Mutua Madrileña, Spain’s leading insurer, used Event-Driven Ansible to reduce or eliminate platform downtime and lower operational costs.


In a managed cloud environment, Asian Development Bank automated its IT infrastructure and has saved hundreds of work hours each year.

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ProRail used automation to accelerate IT processes from weeks to days—and built an automation Community of Practice to boost collaboration.

Build your Ansible skills

Learning hub

Continue your education and explore learning materials for Ansible Automation Platform, organized by the tasks you need to accomplish.

Training and certification

Assess and learn the skills needed to successfully deploy, configure, and manage Ansible Automation Platform. Develop advanced skills in real-world training—and prove your skills with certification exams.

Interactive labs

Try Ansible Automation Platform with an interactive learning scenario, deployed directly in your browser. Topics include getting started, network automation, hybrid cloud automation, and Event-Driven Ansible.

A shared technological foundation

Red Hat’s open hybrid cloud strategy is built on the technological foundation of Linux®, containers, and automation. An open hybrid cloud approach gives you the flexibility to run your applications anywhere you need them.

Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform
Red Hat OpenShift
Red Hat Enterprise Linux
Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform

Ansible Automation Platform builds on the foundation provided by Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Red Hat OpenShift® and integrates with the rest of our portfolio so you can build and operate automation at scale.

Red Hat OpenShift

With Ansible Automation Platform, users can create and run reusable infrastructure code and automate provisioning tasks for cloud providers, storage solutions, and other infrastructure components in Red Hat OpenShift.

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Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Ansible Automation Platform lets you automate compliance, expedite repetitive admin tasks, and gain consistency ​across your Red Hat Enterprise Linux environments.

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