Partner integrations for Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform

Gain speed and flexibility with trusted partner solutions

With a subscription to Red Hat® Ansible® Automation Platform, you gain access to trusted automation partners to help you innovate, differentiate, and deliver. Using Red Hat Ecosystem Catalog, you can explore Red Hat’s partner ecosystem and extend Red Hat products with partner offerings. It houses Red Hat Ansible Certified Content Collections, partner ecosystem solutions, and resources to help you automate with speed and efficiency.

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Red Hat Ecosystem Catalog: What’s included

Red Hat Ansible Certified Content Collections

Access a growing library of collections certified on Ansible Automation Platform. Red Hat Ansible Certified Content Collections are built, tested, maintained, and co-supported by our technology partners and Red Hat. Certified collections focus on how to integrate with specific Red Hat or partner platforms, and they typically contain integrations called modules, as well as plugins and documentation. They may be extended with roles and playbooks. Certified collections come in a downloadable package, so you can deploy them in your environment to start automating quickly. 

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Partner ecosystem solutions

Find partner solutions for Ansible Automation Platform to create a readily deployable technical package that solves specific business problems. You benefit from proven success, as the offers are based on prior customer experiences and strong partnerships.

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Explore partner solutions for your use cases


Automate your infrastructure workloads—from Day 0 to Day 2 operations—including enterprise applications, underlying operating systems, and traditional IT infrastructure. Ensure consistent configuration, while deploying and maintaining your systems wherever they are—on-premise, in the cloud, or at edge locations. 


Network teams need automation to keep up with complex tasks that span multiple network solutions—either standalone or software-defined. Get a unified, flexible solution for network automation—with benefits that include infrastructure visibility, compliance and traceability, consistent procedures, and a faster response to incidents.

Hybrid cloud

Most organizations operate a mix of infrastructures and environments, including public, private, and hybrid clouds. Hybrid cloud automation can connect these domains and the teams that operate within them, orchestrating hyperscaler infrastructure and services and boosting cloud governance.


Automation makes it easier to develop and manage your applications—from building an extensible and scalable continuous integration (CI) architecture to allowing you to deploy multitier applications reliably and consistently. Your team uses simple task descriptions (instead of custom code), which speeds automation and reduces cost.


Security automation helps organizations integrate IT security teams, boost efficiency and speed, increase security at scale, and reduce the risk and cost of security breaches. It also helps to investigate and respond to threats in a coordinated, unified way.


With edge automation, you can distribute and run automation across environments. As a result, your operations teams can standardize configuration and deployment from datacenters, across clouds, and all the way to edge locations.

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