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The Red Hat team is gearing up for this year’s AWS re:Invent conference in Las Vegas, NV, from November 12-15. We’ll be sponsoring a hands-on training bootcamp for AWS Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) users who want to learn how to deploy highly available storage across existing enterprise applications.

This full-day class will give you the opportunity to create your own multi-terabyte scale-out network attached storage solution in AWS. Learn how to cluster together EC2 and EBS resources to create a secure, high-performance, highly available storage subsystem in minutes. We’ll also describe how to set up a NAS architecture with synchronous replication between AWS availability zones and asynchronous geo-replication across AWS regions.

The good news is, deploying workloads in the cloud that require NAS does not need to involve a re-write of your applications. With Red Hat Storage Server, you can deploy a highly available, POSIX-compatible NAS solution to support your cloud-bound applications. Also, the NAS you create at the event will be accessible by clients running Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Amazon Linux, Microsoft Windows and even a mobile client using protocols like NFS and SMB for file based access, OpenStack Swift for object access, and GlusterFS native for highly parallelized access to the data.

Not convinced? Here are some other use cases we’ll cover:

  • Secure enterprise file sharing and collaboration: To reliably store and retrieve files from a variety of devices by creating your own enterprise dropbox.
  • Large file and object storage: To take advantage of cloud NAS to cost-effectively manage unstructured data at scale.
  • Media content delivery and storage: To quickly serve and scale multimedia content to mass audiences.

Ready to reserve your seat? To sign-up, just click on the AWS boot camp link below and be sure to select "Deploying Highly Available NAS for Enterprise Applications with Red Hat® Storage" when you register for your re:Invent tickets.

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We look forward to seeing you there!


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