Success story

Insurance group IAG consolidates data, delivers services faster

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Fast facts

Industry: Financial services—Insurance
Region: APAC
Location: Sydney, Australia
Company size: 15,000 employees

To provision a report in our old environment would take up to a year from end to end. Now our turnaround is a couple of weeks.

Kieran Clulow, Director, data engineering, IAG

About the Company

As Insurance Australia Group Limited (IAG) rapidly expanded throughout Asia Pacific, its IT infrastructure became cluttered with diverse technology—making maintenance expensive and change difficult. With help from Red Hat® Consulting, IAG used Red Hat enterprise open source software to consolidate its IT infrastructure into a single private cloud environment. As a result, IAG significantly improved its agility and time to market for innovative services while reducing IT expenses.

2018 Red Hat Innovation Awards winner

IAG unifies its IT platform, innovates with data solutions

To simplify its data infrastructure and deliver better customer experiences, IAG streamlined its technology and became a more data-driven company.

The path to success

Challenge: Unite an inefficient data environment

As IAG grew its business through frequent acquisitions, it inherited many technology systems and data sources—including more than 20 data warehouses. This complexity made it challenging to get a complete, up-to-date view of a customer. “IT became a bottleneck,” said David Abrahams, executive general manager data, IAG. “Even a simple change had to be made in many different systems, affecting our ability to actually change and adapt.” IAG needed to simplify its technology environment by consolidating into a standardized data platform.

Solution: Build an enterprise, open source private cloud

IAG evaluated several alternatives before choosing an OpenStack®—based private cloud solution from Red Hat. IAG also used other Red Hat solutions, including virtualization, automation, and management software. During deployment, IAG worked closely with Red Hat Consulting to ensure the new environment met security and performance requirements. “The support we got from Red Hat was outstanding and really helped us initiate and deliver the project quickly … We had our OpenStack environment up and running in 2 to 3 weeks,” said Kieran Clulow, director, data engineering, IAG.

Results: Transform data IT to support innovation

IAG’s simplified environment helps the company find and use data faster and more accurately. Now IAG can get a comprehensive, accurate view of each customer to provide more relevant, timely services. And by migrating to enterprise open source solutions, IAG anticipates savings in maintenance and provisioning costs. IAG also gained efficiency through self-service and automated capabilities, accelerating development and time to market. “To provision a report in our old environment would take up to a year from end to end,” said Clulow. “Now our turnaround is a couple of weeks.”

When you take a risk and try something different, especially for an organization as big as ours that operates in a regulated environment, you need stability and support and reliability. Knowing that we've got a partner [in Red Hat] that can support us and help make sure that we have a reliable platform has given us that confidence to stretch and innovate a bit further.

David Abrahams, Executive general manager data, IAG

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