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Cloud computing

Red Hat Quay

A distributed and highly available container image registry for your enterprise

Red Hat® Quay container image registry provides storage and enables you to build, distribute, and deploy containers. Gain more security over your image repositories with automation, authentication, and authorization systems. Quay is available with OpenShift or as a standalone component.

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Advanced access control management

Control access of the registry with multiple identity and authentication providers (including support for teams and organization mapping). Use a fine-grained permissions system to map to your organizational structure.

TLS Encryption

Transport Layer Security encryption helps you transit between Quay.io and your servers automatically.

Security scanning

Integrate with vulnerability detectors (like Clair) to automatically scan your container images. Notifications alert you to known vulnerabilities.

Automated software deployments

Streamline your continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipeline with build triggers, git hooks, and robot accounts.

Image rollback

Track images by tag and revert them to a previous state within a configurable time frame. View a complete two-week configurable history.

Logging and auditing

Audit your CI pipeline by tracking API and UI actions.

Registry types

Ways to run Red Hat Quay

Red Hat® Quay is compatible with most container environments and orchestration platforms. It is available as a hosted service or on-premises.

Red Hat Quay is the first enterprise hosted and on-premises container registry. It is priced per deployment and can be purchased with OpenShift or separately.

With Red Hat Quay, you can:

  • Have geographically replicated instances
  • Integrate with your authentication provider
  • Have Prometheus support

Red Hat Quay.io is a mature hosted container image registry. It is priced per repository.

With Quay.io you can:

  • Rollback your images to a historical state
  • Have zero-downtime garbage collection
  • Automatically squash image layers
  • Replicate data via global content delivery network

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