Red Hat Infrastructure Products

Red Hat Infrastructure Products

Red Hat infrastructure products cover a range of capabilities and enable customers to enjoy the benefits of open source solutions throughout the software stack including middleware, security, identity, and integrated applications.

Red Hat Directory Server

Forms the central repository for an identity management infrastructure and is an LDAP-based server that centralizes application settings, user profiles, group data, policies, and access control information into an operating system-independent, network-based registry.

Red Hat Certificate System

A scalable and manageable authentication system to ensure that only authorized users and applications have access to mission critical resources and data.

Red Hat Application Stack

Red Hat Application Stack is the first fully integrated open source stack. Includes everything you need to run standards-based Web and enterprise applications.

Red Hat Global File System

A high performance, multi-system, POSIX compliant file system that is scalable to over 100 systems. Allows data to be organized and managed consistently across multiple systems.

Red Hat Cluster Suite

Provides high availability and redundancy for applications and services. Specifically for application/service failover clustering and IP load balancing clustering.