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cover for 30 November 2006

30 November 2006 [ - ]

The geek gift guide (and giveaway)

Is your honey a hard-to-buy-for geek? Are you a technologist whose presents are never up to par? If so, this list is for you. Holiday bonus: A prize pack made up of selected gifts from our list.

How to set up a home email server
(without being spammed to death)

Want complete control over your inbox? Send and receive email--and filter spam--yourself.

How to set up a home DNS server

Customize your domain from the comfort--and security--of your home computer. An experienced RHCE will be your guide.

The road to Tibet

When the symposium ended in Delhi, one traveller took the 12-hour drive to meet with Tibetans in exile--innovators he's known for a decade through their work with ibiblio.

Peace in our time

Inspired by brilliant bloggers? We are too. This week, we couldn't help but marvel at one of our own.

Ask Shadowman

Find out what Shadowman thinks of Oracle, Novell, and Sun.

Tips & tricks

Mounting GFS with a cluster, Sockets Direct Protocol, and access controls.

cover for 16 November 2006

16 November 2006 [ - ]

A society that shares: India's tradition of knowledge

Intellectual property. Who does it help? An Indian man examines his country's history and concludes that shared knowledge benefits everyone. And the economy.

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The road to Delhi with Eben Moglen and Paul Jones

[ still photo ]

When Moglen and Jones show up to your party, things are bound to get interesting. We caught up with them at the Knowledge Symposium in Delhi, India. And when two open source experts talk, we don't just listen. We get it on tape.

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Duration: 08:47

xkcd: a comic strip for the computer geek

They're stick figures with geek humor. We chat with xkcd creator Randall Munroe about Creative Commons, digital rights management, and his Internet hit comic strip.

Ruby on Rails on Red Hat

Want to run Ruby on Linux? Follow the instructions in this article to write your first application. It couldn't be easier.

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Why went open source

[ still photo ]

You've used their service to book your travel--doesn't it feel good to know it's open source?

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Duration: 03:12

Tips & tricks

USB without drivers, external USB drives and large files, named errors, and gnome-terminal's LD_LIBRARY_PATH.

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CitiStreet hits the road running with Red Hat

[ still photo ]
When CitiStreet outgrew their 2001 Java and BEA WebLogic migration, they opted for a more scalable, fully open source solution. See how they implemented JBoss and Red Hat Enterprise Linux, setting open source as the new standard for their company.

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Duration: 03:20

cover for 25 October 2006

25 October 2006 [ - ]

Introducing Fedora Core 6

Fedora Core is here (and his name is Zod).

Fedora Status Report: Announcing Zod

Read the official announcements and be in the know.

Enterprise 2.0: Trendy term, real revolution

What happened to Web 2.0? See where the internet is going.

Dogtail's object-oriented tree API (and how to use it)

More Dogtail than you can shake a stick at. Good Dogtail.

Ask Shadowman

He kneels before Zod. And answers your questions.

Tips and Tricks

updating i386 packages on IA64 with ia32el, multiple RSH connections, changing OS entries in GRUB, pam_mkhomedir

Truth is happening

It's like getting a daily dose of Red Hat Magazine.

cover for 12 October 2006

12 October 2006 [ - ]

Inside Fedora Core 6

The new Fedora Core will be here Real Soon Now™. More improvements, more support. Better virtualization, lots of performance boosts. Plus? One snazzy new look.

Squeezebox brings online music into your living room

Squeezebox is hot. The ultimate gadget for internet radio lovers--powered by open source. We talk with Dean Blackketter, CTO of Slim Devices.

Commentary: Guitar tablature builds a market around making music

We recently brought you the story of how music publishers challenged sites that traded guitar tablature. Here we offer an editorial from the author's perspective.

Red Hat Speaks: Jesse Keating on the naming of Fedora

Keating, the Fedora Project Release Engineer, reveals the open process used to name Fedora Core 6. Meet the contenders.

How to use Kickstart (Anaconda's remote control)

You're 500 miles away from the office and need to re-install your server. If you have Anaconda, it's no problem at all. See how kickstart can make a sysadmin's job more simple.

Tips and tricks

lsusb, making audio work, unsupported dictionary types, XDMCP, and remote access to a local display manager.

The Frysk Monitor

Last month, you met Frysk. In part two of this three-part series, get to know the Frysk Monitor as Wagiaalla shows you how to debug on the fly.

cover for 28 September 2006

28 September 2006 [ - ]

Music publishers seek to silence guitar tablature sites

Online guitar tabs by the community, for the community. Taken offline by charges of copyright infringement. What will it take to get them back?

Making music with Fedora Core 5

A music workstation on Linux? Turn your Fedora Core box into a sound station with Rosegarden.

Jamendo: Music the way it was meant to be

This online archive lets you download songs that are low-cost, DRM-free, and licensed under Creative Commons. If iTunes were open, it might sound this good.

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Edward Felten debunks DRM

In this follow-up to last week's podcast, Felten explains why content distributors desire DRM, and how it could limit future freedoms for the rest of us.

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MP3 podcast
Duration: 12:39

Introduction to web services

SOA, SOAP, HTTP--is it all alphabet soup? Free yourself from misconceptions and object-centric myths and discover the flexibilty of the web services stack.

Ask Shadowman

Shadowman recommends some of his favorite sources for sound--and answers a few questions about Red Hat certifications, rm -rf and chattr.

Tips and tricks

AMD Opteron chip, PCI hardware and the kernel, moving files to NFS mount points, SCSI errors with multipathing.

cover for 18 September 2006

18 September 2006 [ - ]

RSS how-to: Get your feed on

Red Hat Magazine's making changes to take advantage of RSS. Not sure what that means or how it can help? We've got some advice for newbies, and some suggestions that even an expert might appreciate.

Take our RSS survey

How RSS-savvy are you? Take five minutes and tell us how you use it, your favorite feeds, and how you prefer to receive them.

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Edward Felten defends your freedom to tinker

When Sony introduced a root kit disguised as your favorite CD, Princeton's Ed Felten called them out. Hear him tell the story during a recent visit to Red Hat.

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MP3 podcast
Duration: 8:48

Frysk: Debugging in real time

Monitor your programs, find your bugs, and do it all in real time. First of a three-part series.

Red Hat Speaks: Aaron Darcy and the application stack

Seen the press? Red Hat + JBoss equals first integrated open source stack. We tracked down the project's team lead.

Fedora status report

Get your Fedora fix with this month's summary. All the news the community sees fit to print.

Tips and tricks

Using proc, deciphering tracebacks from Oracle db, Apache httpd using SSL, kernel-ib package failure with up2date, and LVM for host-based mirroring.

cover for Issue #22 August 2006

Issue #22, August 2006: The kids are all right :: Belly up to the BarCamp :: How to set up a home web server :: The little laptop that could :: Fedora Core 6 advances printing :: Using Dogtail to automate Frysk GUI tests :: Integrated virtualization lives :: The Fedora message :: The Fedora Project and Red Hat Enterprise Linux, part 4

cover for Issue #21 July 2006

Issue #21, July 2006: A traveller's diary: Red Hat in Latin America :: Sharing the music of Latin America :: Brazil hosts the International Free Software Forum :: Craig of craigslist talks to Red Hat :: Data sharing with a Red Hat GFS storage cluster :: German-based ATIX customizes storage solutions :: Dogtail Python Modules (and how to use them) :: Meet the iPod alternative: iAudio :: Virtualization gets real at Red Hat :: Introduction to Apache Axis2 :: The Fedora Project and Red Hat Enterprise Linux, part 3 :: The first [open source] American

cover for Issue #20 June 2006

Issue #20, June 2006: Visionary keynote: Cory Doctorow :: Visionary keynote: Eben Moglen :: Opening keynote: Matthew Szulik :: Mugshot: Get in on the racket :: Collaborate with 108 :: The many meanings of 108 :: Automated GUI testing with Dogtail :: Making yourself heard in Music City :: Fedora fun at the Summit :: If it's not in Bugzilla, it's not a bug :: Brad Sucks: the open source one-man band :: GnuCash for personal accounting :: Spring development framework :: The Fedora™ Project and Red Hat® Enterprise Linux®, part 2

cover for Issue #19 May 2006

Issue #19, May 2006: Intro to design thinking :: Better Linux release notes through design thinking :: Nashville institution influences Summit design :: (Graphic) design exposed :: Design books that inspire us :: Podcasting in open source :: The Nashville Feed: Sounds of Music City :: Lyceum: One installation, many blogs :: Release early, release often. Why? :: Fedora and Red Hat Enterprise Linux, part 1 :: Nashville by day or night :: Running Linux on small servers :: FAA saves $15 million :: Video: Muvee-making with Linux and Xen :: Video: Why Red Hat is interested in virtualization

cover for Issue #18 April 2006

Issue #18, April 2006: Inside Fedora Core 5 :: Introduction to Eclipse on Fedora :: Confessions of an Eclipse convert :: FUDCon Friday :: Podcast: Fedora Reloaded: Episode 5 :: Podcast: The future of the Fedora community :: Red Hat to aquire JBoss :: Podcast: Certified engineer and jazz musician lives to improvise :: Video: Red Hat Summit: He came, he saw, he got a job :: Red Hat plans Summit IP Panel :: UNC Symposium on Intellectual Property, Creativity, and the Innovation Process :: Opening Red Hat Knowledgebase :: Video: Volunteers join Sri Lanka tsunami relief effort :: Virtualization: What's happening lately? :: Video: CD-adapco lowers costs, increases performance with GFS

cover for Issue #17 March 2006

Issue #17, March 2006: What is virtualization? :: An interview with Brian Stein :: Virtualization Resource Center goes live :: Introduction to DocBook XML, part 2 :: Risk Report: A year of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 :: Video: Red Hat Summit Nashville :: LibriVox gives books a voice in the public domain :: See you at the Summit: Eben Moglen :: Developers: Come play with us and build the future :: Book review: Active Liberty :: Video: Skanska :: Book review: Linux Patch Management :: Podcast: So you'd like to contribute to open source software

cover for Issue #16 February 2006

Issue #16, February 2006: How the Summit changed my life: GPS Consultant Jon Benedict :: A very long talk with Cory Doctorow, part 2 :: A photo tour of Nashville :: Summit keynote speaker: Nicholas Negroponte :: Red Hat Summit: Tracks :: We've got a deal for you :: Open source development: The diversocracy :: Introduction to DocBook XML :: The sound of sharing: Headphone amplifiers built the open source way :: Video: EuroNext :: Delivering application and services availability

cover for Issue #15 January 2006

Issue #15, January 2006: Asia, the questions we ask :: What does open source mean in India? :: Localization as a movement in India :: Free and open software in Malaysia :: The journey to cross the chasm--Red Hat China review and plan :: A long talk with Cory Doctorow: Part I :: Open source for non-profits :: Book review: Producing Open Source Software :: Video: Red Hat Interns :: Red Hat tops CIO Insight Survey for second-straight year :: All future, no shock: Customizing your Linux desktop :: Video: Business Objects :: Using valgrind to detect and prevent application memory problems :: Webcast: Optimizing Red Hat Enterprise Linux on HP BladeSystem