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What is Red Hat Quay? 

Red Hat® Quay is a security-focused and scalable private registry platform for managing content across globally distributed datacenter and cloud environments. It provides a single and resilient content repository for delivering containerized software to development and production across Red Hat OpenShift® and Kubernetes clusters. Red Hat Quay is a distributed and highly available container image registry for your enterprise.

Red Hat Quay is included with Red Hat OpenShift Platform Plus, a complete set of powerful, optimized tools to secure, protect, and manage your apps. 

Introducing Red Hat Quay. Video duration: 2:16

Granular security management

Complete control over who can access your containers, track changes, and continuously scan for vulnerabilities in the background as soon as images are pushed.

Fast and robust at any scale

High availability and geographic replication by running multiple instances of Red Hat Quay across several cloud regions datacenters behind a single URL.

High velocity CI/CD

Build and deploy containers automatically in response to git pushes: GitHub, BitBucket, Gitlab, and others. Secure access delegation with robot accounts, and an easy-to-audit history including the ability to roll back changes.

Automated installation and updates

Automate installation and updating of your registry deployment with the Red Hat Quay Operator. Configure your Red Hat Quay instance declaratively using OpenShift GitOps with the ability to choose between operator-managed or external database and storage services.

Enterprise authentication and team-based access control

Integrate to your existing identity infrastructure: LDAP, OIDC, and more. Teams can collectively have granular access to collaborate on a  shared set of content.

Red Hat OpenShift integration

Integrate Red Hat Quay with OpenShifts build-system for automated exchange of access credentials, image pushes and software rollouts. When running on top of OpenShift, leverage Red Hat OpenShift Monitoring and Alerting as well as Red Hat OpenShift Data Foundation for backend storage.


Ways to run Red Hat Quay

Red Hat Quay is compatible with most container environments and orchestration platforms. It is available as a hosted service or self-managed on-premises and is included with Red Hat OpenShift® Platform Plus.

Red Hat Quay

Red Hat Quay is the first enterprise hosted and on-premises container registry. It is priced per deployment and can be purchased with OpenShift or separately.

With Red Hat Quay, you can:

  • Have geographically replicated instances
  • Integrate with your authentication provider
  • Integrate with Red Hat OpenShift
  • Integrate with other registries via image mirroring or caching
  • Track storage storage consumption of individual repositories and projects
  • Have a full audit-trail of all events and changes in the system
  • Run a registry in an offline environment

Red Hat Quay.io

Red Hat Quay.io is a mature hosted container image registry. It is priced per number of private repositories.

With Quay.io you can:

  • Rely on a skilled SRE team to provide a managed registry service with high uptime
  • Rollback your images to a historical state
  • Collaborate with other users in a shared organization
  • Rely on a  global content delivery network for performant serving of content
  • Get your images scanned as soon as they are published with instantly updated vulnerability reports

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