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Red Hat is the leading provider of enterprise open source software solutions

Enterprises around the world trust our broad portfolio of hybrid cloud infrastructure, application services, cloud-native application development, and automation solutions to deliver IT services on any infrastructure quickly and cost effectively.

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of Fortune 500 companies rely on Red Hat.

Source: Red Hat® client data and Fortune 500 list for 2022 (subscription required)

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Build on a reliable foundation. Take your apps anywhere.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Support application deployments—from on premise to the cloud to the edge—in a flexible operating environment.

Red Hat OpenShift

Quickly build and deploy applications at scale, while you modernize the ones you already have.

Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform

Create, manage, and dynamically scale automation across your entire enterprise.

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Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS

Develop applications in a native AWS environment and we’ll manage the rest with this turnkey app platform.

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Trust us with your DevOps implementation

Red Hat has been recognized in the 2023 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for DevOps Platforms.

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As edge grows, so does your potential.

Get closer to data—and end users—when you extend your IT to the edge.

Building enterprise-ready solutions with open source

We believe using an open development model helps create more secure, stable, and innovative technologies. By collaborating with open source communities, we’re developing software that pushes the boundaries of technological ability.

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Tech topics worth exploring


Understanding APIs

Application programming interfaces (APIs) let your products and services communicate with other products and services without having to constantly build new connectivity infrastructure.

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Lufthansa Technik logo

API management helped Lufthansa Technik optimize airline operations.

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Understanding automation

Automation is the use of technology to perform tasks without human assistance. In tech, automation is found in IT systems and business decision software.

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British Army

The British Army sped up service delivery by automating management.

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Understanding cloud computing

Clouds are IT environments that abstract, pool, and share scalable resources across a network.

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Cathay Pacific

The airline improved customer service by implementing a modern hybrid cloud.

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Understanding Linux containers

Containers let you package and isolate applications with their entire runtime environment, making it easier to move the contained app between environments.

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The workers’ compensation insurance provider increased new sales by 40% by adopting a responsive cloud and container environment.

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Understanding DevOps

DevOps is an approach to culture, automation, and platform design intended to deliver increased business value and responsiveness through rapid service delivery.

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BP coupled a container platform with DevOps to speed provisioning.

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Digital Transformation

Understanding digital transformation

Digital transformation integrates new technology and applications into your existing infrastructure to fundamentally change how it operates.

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Deutsche Bank

The bank embraced digital transformation by building an app dev platform.

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Understanding enterprise integration

Enterprise integration has evolved from a centralized model with an enterprise service bus (ESB) to a distributed architecture with many reusable endpoints.

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Emirates NBD

Integrating apps and data on a private cloud let the bank launch innovative services.

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Understanding Linux

Linux® is the stable foundation for all IT workloads and deployments—whether traditional or innovative—from bare metal to virtual, cloud, and containers.

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Elo cut time to market with agile, on-demand infrastructure built on Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

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Understanding microservices

Microservices is an architecture and an approach to writing software where apps are broken down into their smallest components, independent from each other.

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This bank used microservices to modernize its IT environment.

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Understanding middleware

Middleware is any software between the kernel and user applications that provides services to apps outside of what’s offered by the operating system.

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Schiphol Airport

Middleware helps the Dutch airport provide seamless journeys to customers.

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Understanding security

IT security protects the integrity of information technologies like computer systems, networks, and data from attack, damage, or unauthorized access.

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Banco Galicia

The Argentine bank improved security with open source solutions.

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Understanding virtualization

Virtualization makes a single physical machine act like multiple—saving you the cost of more servers and workstations.

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Intermountain Healthcare

Virtualization trimmed deployment times from weeks to hours for this provider.

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Build on the cloud today

Build on the cloud today

The Red Hat Hybrid Cloud Console lets teams get started quickly on business-critical tasks, from building and installing operating environments, to monitoring for potential vulnerabilities, to accessing certified automation, and more.

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