What happens when two brain cancer patients decide to take their futures into their own hands?

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Steven Keating

Steven Keating


Steven Keating, Ph.D., passed away July 19, 2019, at the age of 31. He was an engineer and an unflagging champion of greater transparency in healthcare. After learning that he had a brain tumor, Steven applied his passions for data and transparency to his treatment. He pushed for more sharing between doctors and patients, posted his own brain scans for others to investigate, and raised awareness nationwide of the healing power of openness.

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Liz Salmi

Liz Salmi

Healthcare communications professional

Liz Salmi is a healthcare communications professional based in Sacramento, CA who dubs herself "the open source patient." After a powerful seizure, Liz learned that a mass was growing in her brain, and she was diagnosed with Gemistocytic astrocytoma. She created her blog The Liz Army to share her experiences with brain cancer with the world, to support those going through similar experiences, and to advocate opening up health data.

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National initiative

OpenNotes is a national initiative to give patients access to the visit notes written by their doctors and nurses. Since 2010, it has grown from 100 doctors to thousands, and from 20,000 patients to 10 million.

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Open Source Stories Common Connections - Healthcare made human
Healthcare Made Human
What happens when the U.S. government backs your big idea? The team at OpenNotes, a group advocating for greater transparency in healthcare, is finding out.
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Penn Manor

Penn Manor 高校では、IT ディレクター、教師、管理者、学生が協力し、オープンな教育モデルと、生徒 1 人ひとりにデバイスを 1 台ずつ支給する 1:1 ラップトッププログラムを導入しました。



ボランティアのグローバルなコミュニティが、オープンソースの 3D プリンを使用して人工装具を設計し、無料で提供しています。




オープンソース・ストーリーは、人類のあらゆるいとなみにオープンソースのちからをもたらすイノベーターを紹介する、Red Hat のオリジナルシリーズです。


The Open Source Way (オープンソースウェイ) への取り組み

オープンソースとは何か、また、コミュニティからエンタープライズにつながる Red Hat の開発モデルについて説明します。オープン・オーガニゼーションの魅力をご覧ください。