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Red Hat Cloud Infrastructure

A private cloud on your terms, and your timeline

Red Hat® Cloud Infrastructure is a combination of tightly integrated Red Hat technologies that lets you build and manage an open, private Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) cloud—at a much lower cost than alternative solutions. Deploy the components however you want, whenever you want—and you can always depend on Red Hat’s award-winning support.

Features & benefits

Keep your options open

Our products are built on open standards, so you're never dependent on a single vendor.

Stay flexible

Management spans multiple virtualization technologies, Red Hat OpenStack® Platform, and public cloud providers like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.

Cost-effective virtualization

Build a traditional private cloud using datacenter virtualization traditional workloads with the help of Red Hat Virtualization.

Automation gear icon

Stay automated

With Red Hat Cloud Infrastructure, you’ll get the automated provisioning capabilities—as well as configuration and software management—of Red Hat Enterprise Linux®

Deploy all the environments you’ll need...

Red Hat Cloud Infrastructure can handle all the clouds, so choose one—or choose them all.

And manage them too

With Red Hat CloudForms, an open hybrid cloud management platform, you’ll deploy, monitor, and manage cloud services across multiple virtualization platforms.

Red Hat Cloud Infrastructure includes:

Red Hat CloudForms

An IaaS cloud management platform.

Red Hat OpenStack Platform

A platform for building public and private clouds.

Red Hat Virtualization

Enterprise virtualization for servers and desktops.

Red Hat Satellite

A tool for managing your OS across your enterprise.

Rely on Red Hat

Our subscriptions come with award-winning support; the industry's largest ecosystem of partners, customers, and experts; hardware certifications; and a connection to open source communities where we source the best features and harden them for our enterprise products.

Need more support? You can also rely on our Technical Account Managers to help you solve your IT challenges.

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With its flexible engagement models and deep benefits, Red Hat Consulting can help you easily deploy Red Hat Cloud Infrastructure.

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Need more? The biggest names in cloud computing technologies partner with Red Hat.


Get access to technical experts and support services to help you successfully build, deploy, and manage your cloud.

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